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Into Eternity
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Stu Block
Tim Roth
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Into Eternity
Into Eternity
2005. október 16., vasárnap, 07:33
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2012. február 19., vasárnap, 13:36
Into Eternity
Yearning for the end has been a lingering theme for poets’ time immemorial. Artists have a unique position in the public eye; their art reminds you that you are not alone in the bleakness of your feelings. To combine the effects of the word with melody and rhythm can impart a deeper sense of community and bring a keener understanding of the human condition. Those who descend into the lyrical darkness of Into Eternity’s "Buried In Oblivion" may find that their only hope for ascent is the accompanying music’s harmonic beauty.

The vision of three like-minded musicians, drummer Jim Austin, bassist Scott Krall and guitarist Tim Roth sowed the seeds for Into Eternity. Like the region from which they originate, Regina, Saskatchewan, the band is a combination of stark contrasts, bright sunlight against dramatic darkness, the warmth of summer contrasted by the blizzards of Canadian winters. Watching the world paint itself a full spectrum of color gave these sonically adventurous souls the courage to combine the influences of their favorite bands (Rush, Dream Theater, Death, Nevermore and Iron Maiden) and create something truly new and unique.

Their early demos caught the attention of Dutch label DVS, which released the band’s self-titled debut album in 2000. Just before a series of high-profile shows (including a performance at ProgPower Europe and a series of Canadian concerts with Nevermore), Into Eternity returned to the studio to record 2001’s "Dead Or Dreaming". Reflecting the diversity of the music, it was praised by publications worldwide. A full North American tour in support of Kataklysm, Dying Fetus and Hate Eternal followed. April 2003 saw a key line-up changes for the band, guitarist Jeff Storry departed, to be replaced by longtime friend Rob Doherty and Chris Krall recorded lead vocals along with Tim Roth.

Rob had already played with Tim and Scott in his own band Pericardium (circa 1996), and joined Into Eternity in time to assist in the writing and recording of "Buried in Oblivion". While writing the album and recording at Regina’s Touchwood Studios, Tim and Rob both had personal tragedy strike. First Rob lost his father, and then Tim lost his mother. Rob explains that these deaths both contributed to the dark lyrics that might have come through in tunes like “3 Dimensional Aperture”.

Canada’s Into Eternity has expanded what is commonly thought of as the edges of progressive and death metal, and quite remarkably blurred the lines separating the two. 2002’s "Dead Or Dreaming" explored uncharted territory, and was heralded by Metal Maniac’s as “…being in a genre all its own.” Where many death metal bands shy away from the appearance of progressive overtones, Into Eternity fully embraces traits familiar to prog-rock fans: brilliantly intertwined melodic vocal harmonies, and virtuoso guitar work. Where many prog-rock bands back away from death metal growls and blisteringly heavy riffs, these men from Regina infuse their music with both. This combination has never been better expressed than within the tracks of "Buried In Oblivion".

"Buried In Oblivion" becomes a very personal album for the listener. Allow yourself to delve into darkness, to explore the haunted corner of the lyrics and yet triumphantly soar with Into Eternity’s sonic dexterity. "Buried In Oblivion" is the 2004 album to remember, the one that will make your Top 5 list, the CD that amazed you from the moment you placed it in the tray.

“Soon the suffering will end, These blackened memories controlling me, A living hell for me, Every waking minute that I’m breathing, Impassable, Screaming, Impassable, Visionless, Impassable screaming in oblivion” - Into Eternity taken from “Buried In Oblivion"” from 2004’s "Buried In Oblivion".

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Since then....
there have been more line-up changes, but it didn't stop them from going to Europe twice in 2004 (Rock Hard festival and dates with Naglfar in June; ProgPower Europe and tour with Mystic Circle, Graveworm and Kataklysm in October), they also played a.o. ProgPower USA V.

In 2005 they toured the US and Canada with Amorphis, played their first Mexican festival, the Monterrey Metal Fest, and are curently on US/Canada tour with Hate Eternal! In the fall they'll tour there again with Stratovarius.

Fan reactions are overwhelming. Many, even long-term fans, call this the strongest Into Eternity line-up ever!
Into Eternity - The Scattering of Ashes (2006)
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