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Before the watchful reader the name of noisemaker zNo can't be unkown, since his name was mentioned in numerous articles (if you have missing gaps, then you can complete them at the foot of the page). Ricardo is really an individual figure, who likes tuning up metal and noise with industrial elements, thus it was evident, that i tried to make up questions, which enlighten what kind of man is him, and in what is he inrested. I beleive a part of this worked out well, but he was fooling about many things, anyway could we look for anything else from a musician like him? The answers arrived a bit delayed, but that doesn't matter, so i won't take up any more time with unnecessary chatting, let's jump into the middle!

Hello Ricardo! First of all, please tell us a little about yourself, there are numerous projects and materials behind you, what is good to know of them?

Hello Everybody, I'm 30 years old, making music since 2003, my main band is zNo and I Work for ABSURDITY (samples), Naked Scarecrow (Keyboard) and Shindo (singer),It is good to be in multiples project cause ... You can see many people :)

So much roles and live ups to expectations… how do you have even time for your life?

In fact, I have no more time than other people, I have my work like somebody but I wish one day I ll can make only music ;), I don't sleep much time and I m a night bird.
What is zNo accurately means, and why is the N capital?

The real signification of the is : z : for the door of strange, N capital is the Negation the "NO"of all you think is not fair, and the "o" is for the absolute, infinite ;)

In my article i mentioned the french Whourkr and the german Drumcorps, do you know these two formation? Do you deny that there is musical conception similarity?

It is thanks to you that I know that famous bands ;) they are very great and very closed to my music They must be crazy (like me)...

What had deep influence on you? From what do you merge your inspiration?

My main musical influance is metal, industrial , and all I can ear ;), my inspiration is the world, the news, my work, and this bad sensation that we're not free.

What do you think of the great and cult insdustrial ancestors as Skinny Puppy, Godflesh, Nitzet Ebb or Kraftwerk?

I think that all that bands have marked the story of music in general they have push the limits of the "normal consumer of music" ask and THAT IS GREAT :)
I wish have enouth stenth to find my own vision of music and may be show you that...

In what do you see the future of electronical, noise and insdustrial music and in what the future of world itself?

There is no futur for industial music. No i'm joking, in fact I think there is not a question of time, I defenetly don't like time because music is immortal and detached of this.

If you wan't an answer... I think that Music ( noise, pop , etc ) is the mirror of life and I think that life will be hard...

What do you think of that the sampler bands with huge effects of industrial are really popular, and nowadays thee 15-years-old know nothing about Godflesh or Killing Joke?

Have you a key of my brain ???? Killing Joke and Godflesh are.... wow... how to explain music lovers they decided to married with her and until the and, wish I be faithful like him ;)

Beer or wine? haha

BEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR and goooood wine but beer makes the stomak too big, wine is great to eat, but .... BEEEEEEEEERRRRR YEAHHHHH I LIKE IT ;)

Do you have anything in your mind for the readers of Fémforgács?


To wich project or released material you have the most personal attachment, and why to that one?

I am working on my futur album HAPPINESS IN LOVE SINCE 2005, I work on it carfully cause I don't wan't just make music, I wan't all my anger and think on it I wan't that album be something else something personnal that each person that hear it wants be be better in the life, I'm crazy I know but let me the chance to try this, who knows?

Something on the right of last word?

Yes, I want to wish for all person who read that ALL THE STRENTH TO BE SOMEONE GOOD AND STRONG TO MAKE ALL BETTER !!!!
And you Zoli are one of him ;)

I hope once i can keep your materials in my hand (haha), and for you i wish success and energy due to the no ending experimenting!

You see, you read in my brain, give me back the key ;)


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City Weezle - Taboo (2010)
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zNo - EP 00 (2006)
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zNo - Happiness In Love [CD EP 01] (2007)
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Absurdity - Urban Strife [EP] (2007)
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