Facebookra vele! 3:19pm 10/12/2008, godfucked ^^
Satellite - cover art of \Progressive rock band Satellite revealed the cover artwork of their forthcoming album - "Nostalgia". The artwork was designed by the young artist – Trine. “Nostalgia”, the follow up to the highly acclaimed album “Into The Night”, will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 23rd February 2009 in Europe / 10th March 2009 in USA (via MVD). The release will also be available in a limited edition digipak with bonus tracks.
Satellite was founded in 2000 by Wojtek Szadkowski, who wrote and co-wrote nearly all of Collage's music and lyrics. It was meant to be only Wojtek's solo-project but soon became a real band. They’ve released three studio albums so far (2003 "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset", 2005 "Evening Games", 2007 "Into The Night") plus a DVD "Evening Dreams" (2005).
Facebookra vele! 09:29am 10/12/2008, godfucked ^^
I. The Exorcising the Funereal Tour aftermath
Pantheist have now returned home after a hugely fruitful tour with Skepticism and Ophis which took them across mainland Europe, with the band gracing for the first time countries such as Slovakia, as well as new venues in familiar countries (for example a church in Belgium). Pictures and other artefacts from the 'Exorcising the Funereal' tour have been added to the website and myspace site of the band.

II. Journey Through Lands Unknown released and available by the band
The 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' album is now officially released. Available via Firebox, Lethal Conflict, Plastichead, etc. It can also be bought from the band for the price of 12 euro (flat fee for world) using paypal, just follow the instructions on the myspace site and our official website.

III.T-shirts coming soon
We are aware that some of you have been expecting new shirts since the 'Exorcising the Funereal' shirts have all been sold out in the tour. We have tried to make this happen in December, but unfortunately our financial situation after the tour (and with the familiar end-of-year festivities coming up...) hasn't made this possible. We apologize for the delay and promise that we have set ourselves a target to have new shirts ready by February. The idea is to create a multicolour design this time, something we haven't done since the 'Curse the Morning Light' shirts back in 2003!

IV. O Solitude reissue
There are plans to re-release our debut album O Solitude, which has been sold out for a while, in 2009 with completely new artwork. We will keep you informed through the website. Furthermore, we are currently in negotiations with Firebox records to have all our albums released on vinyl over the next two years. We will be keeping you informed about the progress on this.

V. Live gigs: UK and Finland
Although no specific dates have been booked yet, there are plans to play 3 gigs in Finland around the end of May. More information will be provided as soon as we can confirm venues. We are also currently looking into playing more UK gigs, any interested promoters can get in touch by email.

Facebookra vele! 7:20pm 09/12/2008, godfucked ^^
Second Escutcheon album comingBattle Order, successor to Unexplained Deep Space Phenomonon (2001) by Hengelo, Netherlands based Death Metalers Escutcheon will be in stores as of January 20th 2009. The band, consisting of Alwin Zuur (Guitars), Herman Hofman (Vocals), Harry Kettelarij (Bass), Daniel Centiago (Drums) and Guido de Jongh (Guitars) partnered with Deity Down Records in order to do so.

The CD totals 9 melodic yet brutal Death Metal compositions inspired by the early 1990's Göteborg style. The songs ‘Kill Mode’, ‘Dead Of Tomorrow’ as well as the title track can be listened to on
Facebookra vele! 4:49pm 08/12/2008, godfucked ^^
Strawberry Fields debutWojtek Szadkowski, a highly acclaimed musician (Collage, Peter Pan) and a leader of one of the art/prog rock bands – Satellite, returns with a new fascinating project – Strawberry Fields. The band’s debut album entitled “Rivers Gone Dry” will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 26th January 2009 in Europe and 10th March 2009 in USA (via MVD). The band revealed the cover artwork for the album, you can see it on the left.
Strawberry Fields’ music is a strange blend of the old and the new, of rock guitars and soft keyboards, loops and psychedelic soundscapes. But what is most important here is the magical voice of Robin (Marta Kniewska), a beautiful female lead singer. On the band’s debut album entitled “Rivers Gone Dry” Marta is supported by the intelligent guitar play of Sarhan Kubeisi (Satellite), simple yet effective bass lines of Jarek Michalski (Satellite), and Wojtek Szadkowski's drums. Guest appearance was done by keyboardist Krzy¶ Palczewski (Satellite). It’s a perfect album for the lovers of such bands as Goldfrapp, Portishead or Massive Attack. Marta’s voice will also satisfy fans of Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering / Agua De Annique).
And today you can hear the title track taken from “Rivers Gone Dry” on the MMP’s myspace profile:

Facebookra vele! 5:01pm 04/12/2008, godfucked ^^
German power metallers Primal Fear entered the studio on November 28 to begin recording their new album, "16.6", due in early 2009 via Frontiers Records. The band is in the process of laying down the following 14 tracks for the new CD (working titles; in no particular order):
1.Six Times Dead (16.6)
2.Smith & Wesson
4.Riding The Eagle
5.Black Rain
8.Night After Night
10.Don't Fuck With My Life
11.No Smoke Without Fire
12.The Exorcist

Commented Primal Fear frontman Ralf Scheepers: "It's very unusual for one band member to see and listen how the other band member is delivering the goods on his instrument. When we perform together live, you can also judge what's going on each instrument but not as clear and obvious as in the studio where you can concentrate on each tone or note or beat from your mates. From what I have heard so far, I can really say it's the best performance I have ever heard from Randy [Black] on the drums and also from Henny [Wolter] on the guitar. Of course, some people might think, 'What else should he say, he has to promote the new album and that’s what every musician would say just to keep the ball running.' But these words are my true impression and I really can't wait for Magnus [Karlsson, guitar] and Mat [Sinner, bass] to nail their parts to see the whole building growing and growing."

Check out photos from the studio at this location (free MySpace registration required to view photos).

Primal Fear earlier in the year parted ways with guitarist Stefan Leibing and replaced him with Magnus Karlsson (Allen/Lande, Starbreaker).

The band's latest album, "New Religion", last year landed on the Swedish chart at No. 67. It also entered the German chart at No. 60. The CD was released in the U.S. on January 29 via Locomotive/Ryko. Guest musicians on the album include Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween) and Simone Simons (Epica).
Facebookra vele! 4:30pm 01/12/2008, godfucked ^^
Ahriman - The Early Years out nowLong forgotten voices amongst the stones of the past...  the collection containing the demo and unreleased songs of Ahriman is out.  The exceptional and unique atmosphere of the CD gives a peek into the band's past. From the '94 promo to a brand new song, previously unreelased song. 8 pages of booklet, old photographs and a fitting visual atmposphere. Everybody is interested in this release, contact me at:
tp (at) terranisproductions (dot) hu or gabor (dot) tamas (at) t-online (dot) hu

Trades are welcome, wholesale prices also are available
Terranis Prod., P.o. Box 259., 3301 Eger, Hungary

Facebookra vele! 2:07pm 28/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Vision Divine and Frontiers RecordsFrontiers Records is excited to announce the signing for a multi album deal of the mighty Vision Divine, Italy's Melodic Metal Finest. The new cooperation will bring the first fruits with the release of the band's brand new studio album "9 Degrees West of the Moon" on January 23rd 2009.
Born as a side project of the esteemed guitarist and songwriter of Labyrinth, Olaf Thorsen, to keep his working relationship with Fabio Lione (former Labyrinth vocalist who had moved on to Rhapsody) Vision Divine evolved during the years in a real band who released 5 acclaimed studio albums, one DVD and toured several times in Japan, South and North America and played in several European countries.

The new album is particularly important in the history of the band as it marks the return of Fabio Lione on lead vocals, after Thorsen's decision to say goodbye to Michele Luppi in June 2008. "Fabio's return is like going back to square one for us", comments the band's creative mastermind Olaf "However Vision Divine is a band that did always move forward and I think that with his voice and interpretation he has enriched the songs and gave them a very peculiar and personal edge. I am truly enthusiast of his return in the band and look forward to bring this record out there with his amazing vocal abilities". Vision Divine line-up is completed by Alessio Lucatti on keyboards, Cristiano Bertocchi (ex-Labyrinth) on bass, Federico Puleri on guitar and Alessandro Bissa on drums.

Produced by none other than the former Stratovarius mainman Timo Tolkki, Vision Divine created what is easily their most mature and intense record to date. Entitled “9 Degrees West of The Moon”, this is Vision Divine 's heaviest, but yet most melodic and catchy album ever, showing why they are now the number 1 band in the Italian Metal scene. "Melodies are the most important element of our music. However our songwriting is very diverse" explains Olaf, who adds "all the songs have very different atmospheres and can go from melodic songs like Violet Loneliness to very aggressive and heavy ones. I think there is something for everyone on this record".

Vision Divine are also working hard on putting up a new World Tour which will bring the band to play again in Asia, South America and possibly Europe outside their homeland Italy. “9 Degrees West Of The Moon” is a fantastic journey that fans will consider as the true Vision Divine career defining statement!
The album's final tracklisting includes: Letter To My Child Never Born; Violet Loneliness; Fading Shadow; Angels In Disguise; The Killing Speed of Time; The Streets Of Laudomia; Fly; Out In Open Space; 9 Degrees West of The Moon; A Touch Of Evil; Fading Shadow (demo version - Exclusive Bonus Track for Europe)
Facebookra vele! 12:00pm 23/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Kill The Client: Cleptocracy
Kill The Client play grindcore the way it is meant to be played: fast, loud and angry as fuck! Cleptocracy is so mind-bogglingly violent that you will begin to wonder if their is anyone more pissed of than these guys...well..forget it...cause there arn't.
Facebookra vele! 11:49am 23/11/2008, godfucked ^^
As Eden Burns - The Great Celestial Delusion
Listening to As Eden Burns makes you feel as if MartyMcFly took you back to the mid 90’s and had you listening to some of the greatest melodic death metal ever put to tape. Taking cues from forefathers At The Gates, Carcass, and Dissection, As Eden Burns play their brand of melodic metal with finesse, aggressiveness, and non stop ferocity while never forgetting the importance of song writing
Facebookra vele! 10:36pm 14/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Terminal Function - Measuring the Abstract
Evoking the best elements of Meshuggah, Theory in Practice, Cynic and Dream Theater, Terminal Function create a mishmash of chunky chugging rhythms, progressive melodic leads, and Outer Space-like synth passages on their debut, Measuring The Abstract. Sure to please fans of all forms of technical metal.
Facebookra vele! 9:51pm 14/11/2008, godfucked ^^
"There is a lot going on in the land of Arsis these days,” states the band’s founding member / guitarist / lead vocalist Jim Malone. “For starters, we will be heading overseas in a few weeks for our first European tour ever where we have the pleasure of sharing the stage with Morbid Angel, Kataklysm, Marduk, and Keep of Kalessin. We are all so excited for this! Since the departure of Noah Martin from the band, we have been performing with a new bassist named Nick Cordle. I can not say enough good things about Nick; he is truly an amazing musician. Aside from being a great bassist, he fucking rips on guitar. He is without a doubt one of the best musicians I have ever had a chance to play with. We would also like to thank Shawn Priest for playing drums with us for the past four months and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Starting with the European tour, we will be working with drummer David Kinkade, formerly of Malevolent Creation and Divine Empire. David also plays drums in Borknagar and I feel that we’ll be working with him for a long time. He is one the most ‘real’ people that I have ever met. Look for Arsis on a headlining tour of The States in the late winter. Hope to see you at a show!" – James Malone
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2:36pm 05/02/2018, McFrost1977 ^^
Conversation with Sylvain Bégot, founder of MONOLITHEMONOLITHE in motion
4:09pm 12/01/2017, boymester ^^
 Epic doom metal from greeceLitany - Pyres Of Lamentation (2016)
11:14pm 22/10/2016, farrrkas ^^
Leaves Wither - Branches Break - Roots RemainDoomed - Anna (2016)
10:29pm 26/03/2016, 9000Sanyi ^^
Talk about Black Sabbath, Tourniquet, etc.
Interview with Tourniquet's drummer Ted Kirkpatrick
8:51pm 07/03/2016, 9000Sanyi ^^
Kunal Choksi told about TOMETALInterview with the mainman of Transcending Obscurity
10:50am 22/12/2015, farrrkas ^^
Farewell from stoner metal. The band changed his style.Wheelfall - Glasrew Point (2015)
5:01pm 29/01/2015, GreenWitch ^^
 Amoral interview
08:33am 07/04/2012, godfucked ^^
This interview is about Mindrot, the best doom metal band from the Orange County, California. They disbanded in 1998, but being one of my all-time favourites, I compiled a few questions to singer Adrian Leroux...
Mindrot interview
11:37am 21/11/2011, godfucked ^^
Syriak (guitars/vocals) answered my questions...
Unexpect interview
11:12pm 30/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
This theraphy kills us a different way, it doesn't tore apart our body, rather our souls and minds, then it is amused by its fresh bloody view...Murder Therapy - Molochian [EP] (2011)
1:26pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
Musicwise, the world of the 60s and 70s wave back at us, like an occult hippie gang,,,Year Of The Goat - Lucem Ferre [EP] (2011)
1:15pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
The themes are demanding, the solos are increadibly virtuose ones and the whole image is glowing in the light of 70s and 80s.Vanderbuyst - Vanderbuyst (2011)
1:02pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
Modern and classic doom metal at the same time, which is bleeding from a thousand wounds but the incisions on the veins don't weaken it...Castle - In Witch Order (2011)
8:34pm 05/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
 When I call something a tough birth, it has really been a torturous round. We could have used different lubricant and an assful of products which would probably have eased the torture, but I didn't choose that way.Goat the Head interview
8:42pm 04/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
So only a little disappointment I sense, personally, since I see more in the band and I expected a more experimental vibe. :}Aenaon - Cendres Et Sang (2011)
6:37pm 04/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
It's a varied and colourful debut with its metallic monstrosity, full of leds, which will surely grant some pleasant minutes to those fans...Absurdity - D:\Evolution (2011)
4:48pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
...though their initial identity streams blood and darkness.Sanctus Infernum - Martyr (2009)
4:35pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
...this chasm would smoothly be able to swallow the human soul, however we could hear more profound spaces compared to this before, although the selfish reincarnation of sucking in stands for this situation as well and it's evident & obvious.Ophis - Withered Shades (2010)
4:16pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
It's full of pain, murmuring Hell and a big load of occult grime which forces you into your own marsh!The Dead - Ritual Executions (2010)
1:04pm 29/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
...along with some post-metal, not to mention the high mounds of the doom of the '80s, then you'll enjoy EOS's mammoth-weight journey from the first minute to the last!Talbot - EOS (2010)
11:38pm 16/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Post-rock dreams...Catacombe - Kinetic (2010)
11:23pm 16/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Sludgecore infections and others...Gospel of the Future - The Eclipse (2010)
6:49pm 12/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Neurotic post-core...A Cold Dead Body - Harvest Years (2010)
7:26pm 08/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Blood-squash is this garden... Blood-fuming roses' garden...
Imbalance - Period Three Implies Chaos (2010)
2:04pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
The thousand faces of death...Spheron - To Dissect Paper [EP] (2010)
1:55pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
 Dutch death metal's style...Victimizer - Tales Of Loss And New Found Serenity (2011)
1:44pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Destructive mourning black cavalryman...Benighted in Sodom - Reverse Baptism (2011)
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