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Britannia Infernus: A History of British Occult and Black Metal
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1.Come to the Sabbat Black Widow
2.Death Walks Behind You Atomic Rooster
3.Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
4.Angel of Death Angel Witch
5.Boodlust Venom
6.Black Mass Pagan Altar
7.Come to the Ritual Widow
8.Cloak and Dagger Witchfunde
9.Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us Hell
10.Blades of Steel Satan
11.Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof
12.Halloween Warhammer
13.Fight With the Beast Onslaught
14.Cautionary Tale Sabbat
15.Stoking the Ovens of Death Antichrist
16.(CD 2) Thunderhammer Ragnarok
17.(CD 2) Forest Whispers My Name Cradle Of Filth
18.(CD 2) Eldest of Lightnings Megiddo
19.(CD 2) Dreaming of Atlantean Spires Bal-Sagoth
20.(CD 2) Twinned With Destiny December Moon
21.(CD 2) Wonder of the Cosmos Ewigkeit
22.(CD 2) Essence of My Dreams Adorior
23.(CD 2) Upon the Kingdom Throne Hecate Enthroned
24.(CD 2) Screams of the Hideous Phantasia
25.(CD 2) Immortal Wisdom Forefather
26.(CD 2) Christs Descent into Hell Meads Of Asphodel
27.(CD 2) Stormwinds of Lucifer Reign Of Erehus
28.(CD 2) Of Sha
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Black Widow - Britannia Infernus: A History of British Occult and Black Metal
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