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Under Our Black Cult (2018)
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Grindcore / Black Metal
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CD 1:
-The Other Side of Life Demo 1989:
1.Slaughter of the Innocents
2.Asthmatic Apoplexy
3.Lost In the Void
5.Animal Revenge
6.Mentally Disordered
7.Myxomycetes Attack
9.Artificial Hypertrophy
-De Vermis Mysteriis Rehearsal 1989
10.Intro - Holyness Lamentation
11.Feast of the Grand Whore
12.Fortress of Cremation
13.De Vermis Mysteriis
-Satanas Tedeum Demo 1989:
15.Hills of the Crucifixion
16.Feast of the Grand Whore
17.The Nereid of Esgalduin
18.Restoration of the Infernal Kingdom
19.The Sixth Communion
-Ade's Winds Demo 1992:
20.Fgmenth, Thy Gift
21.The Fourth Knight of Revelation
-Promo 1995:
22.Snowing Still
23.One with the Forest
24.The Opposite Bank
CD 2:
-Passage to Arcturo 1991:
1.The Old Coffin Spirit
2.The Forest of N'gai
3.The Mystical Meeting
4.Gloria De Domino Inferni
5.Inside the Eye of Algond
-Split w/ Monumentum 1991:
6.Feast of the Grand Whore
-Dawn of the Iconoclast EP 1992
7.The Nereid of Esgalduin
8.Vicious Joy and Black Delight
CD 3:
-Thy Mighty Contract 1993:
1.The Sign of Evil Existence
2.Transform All Suffering into Plagues
3.Fgmenth, Thy Gift
4.His Sleeping Majesty
5.Exiled Archangels
6.Dive the Deepest Abyss
7.The Coronation of the Serpent
8.The Fourth Knight of Revelation
-Αποκαθήλωσις EP 1993:
9.Visions of the Dead Lovers
10.The Mystical Meeting
CD 4:
-Non Serviam 1994:
1.The Fifth Illusion
2.Where Mortals Have no Pride
3.Wolfera the Chacal
5.Non Serviam
6.Mephesis of Black Crystal
7.Morality of a Dark Age
8.Ice Shaped God
9.Saturn Unlock Avey's Son
CD 5:
-Live 2000:
1.The Sign of Evil Existence
2.Transform All Suffering into Plague
3.The Fourth Knight of Revelation
4.Coronation of the Serpent
5.Fgmenth, Thy Gift
6.Ach Golgotha (The Small One on the Cross)
7.The Old Coffin Spirit
8.The Mystical Meeting
9.The Forest of N'gai
10.Morality of a Dark Age
11.Feast of the Grand Whore
12.Saturn Unlock Avey's Son
13.Wolfera the Chacal
14.Exiled Archangels
-Live 1993:
15.Feast of the Grand Whore
16.The Forest of N'gai
17.Visions of the Dead Lovers
18.The Mystical Meeting
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