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The Umbersun (1998)
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A lemez típusa:
Sopranos: Tricia Bentley
Hilary Brennan, Rachael Clegg, Bridget Corderoy,
Carolynne Cox
Sally Donegani, Alison Eden, Karen Filsell, Claire Hills, Rachel
Felice Kuin, Wendy Norman, Kathy Willis, Olivia Maffett.
Altos: Debbie Bright
Kathryn Cook, Denise Fabb, Victoria Kendall, Katy
Yvette Miller, Fiona Robinson, Hatty Webb, Lorna Youngs.
Basses: Tim Bull
Tim Colbourn, Peter da Costa, Mark Fenton, Michael King.
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Music For Nations
1.Du Tréfonds Des Ténèbres
3.Moon Of Amber
6.The Umbersun
7.In The Embrasure Of Heaven
8.The Wake Of The Angel
9.Au Tréfonds Des Ténèbres
2009. augusztus 22., szombat, 19:59
Elend - The Umbersun
All other vocals, instruments, sequencing, programming and sound-editing by
Alexandre Hasnaoui, Sébastien Roland and Renaud Tschirner.
Words and music written by Hasnaoui / Tschirner.

"The Umbersun" was recorded at Wolf Studios, London. Engineered by Dominique
Brethes and Damian Taylor. Mixed by Dominique Brethes and Sébastien Roland.
Produced by Elend and Dominique Brethes.
Pre-produced by Elend at The Fall Studios. Mastered by Dominique Brethes.

Re-released on April 21st 2008 by Orphika. This edition, which was carefully
remastered by ELEND, features the original artwork (refused by Music for Nations
at the time of the first release) and a bonus track recorded during the same
sessions and initially intended for a limited edition which was never released.
The album is available as digipak CD and double vinyl LP.

There are also has two digipak reissues - one, an unofficial yet legal
rerelease through Metal Mind Productions in 2007, and there is another one
released on the 21st of April 2008 both as the digipak and a double vinyl LP
(both of these formats have a bonus track featured as the first track "Overture"
(2:38), which was not present on the original or Metal Mind Productions
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