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iTunes Originals (2008)
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post-grunge, alter rock
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1.The Band Started In May 1999"
3.We Had to Write a Single, and We Didn't Know What That Meant
4.Fine Again (iTunes Originals Version)
5.It Needs to Be Discovered By Fans
7.We Thought We Were Starting "Karma and Effect"
8.Broken (iTunes Originals Version)
9.We Did "Sold Me" At the Same Time As "Broken"
10.Sold Me
11.The Original Title Was "Cater to Cowards"
12.Remedy (iTunes Originals Version)
13.We Weren't Going to Use It for Our Band
14.The Gift
15.I Was Having Fun Today Playing With a Lot of Effects
16.Truth (iTunes Originals Version)
17.A Lot of Our Music Translates Acoustically
18.Tied My Hands
19.He Was the Number One Fan
20.Fake It (iTunes Originals Version)
21.Let's Tease People With What's Coming With That Song
22.Like Suicide
23.I Was Feeling Nostalgic
24.Rise Above This (iTunes Originals Version)
25.I Picked It for the Chorus
26.Across the Universe (iTunes Originals Version)
2008. október 12., vasárnap, 13:30
Seether - iTunes Originals
Mainstream rock a harmadik világból - Seether koncert a Dürerben
Koncertbeszámoló, Mindenholottlevo @ 2014. december 15., hétfő, 02:44
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