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Soul Pilferage
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Oravecz Miklós
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Bujdosó Attila
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2009. augusztus 7., péntek, 14:18
Soul Pilferage
The idea of founding the band was born in the spring of 2008 by Miklós and Gábor, who were very old friends, and played together in the past already, in a band that played a totally different kind of music. This time, they wanted to do a crushing metal band, where they can put in all of their creativity, without being confined between borders of genres, but mainly sticking to a heavy, yet melodic kind of music, with extreme metal vocals.
The band was practically founded when they managed to find a drummer in the person of András Szegvári (Dilemma Complex), who undertook the duty of hitting the skins for them. The band started to rehearse as a three-piece, playing mainly covers, but soon, own ideas started to appear as well. By that time, Miki met Zsolt, one of his old acquaintances at a concert, who happened to be a vocalist in the bands Dead Eternity and Limb for a Limb, and as his bands were on a temporary hiatus at that time, he was eager to join Soul Pilferage as well. The core of the band's creative force was born, but they still needed a bass player to complete the line-up, and they tried to look after an own rehearsal room at the same time, to be a regularly rehearsing, serious group.
Still, finding a capable bassist was not an easy task, so it took a while, but in October 2008, they got in contact with Damien (currently in Harloch), who brought a keyboardist with him, Hanna Hegedűs (Toscrew) into the band. Although it was not a planned decision to have keys, she seemed to fit in, so the line-up was considered to be complete. They succeeded in finding a regular rehearsal room by that time too, so every condition was given to work full-time.
Unfortunately, as the own ideas started to take form in songs, it became obvious that the members' musical views started to clash, and it certainly affected the moral inside the band, until the point when our founding member, Gabi decided to leave. The remaining members tried to carry on with a replacement guitarist, but not much after that, beacuse of lack of motivation, Miki and Zsolt seceded too. András, Laci and Hanna had other projects to work on, therefore Soul Pilferage have split up in January 2009....
The break didn't last for too long, as Miki, Zsolt and András was well aware that they have some unfinished business together, so eventually they reformed Soul Pilferage in march 2009. They could persuade Gabi to come back, and one of Miki's friends, Attila joined as the new bassist. They finished the songs that they started to write back in 2008, and some new tunes were born as well, but due to lack of time, scheduling rehearsals became extremely difficult. That's why they decided to record their first demo material at last in the pirst place, and then come out with live performances. They entered Zsolt's Dead Eternity bandmate Peti Kulcsár's home studio in early June to start working on their debut recording, which is expected to be out soon, so be prepared!
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2008. október 14.
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