Facebookra vele! 2017. június 9., péntek, 11:00, Krigare ^^
Egy ideje nem jelentkeztünk hírlevéllel, azóta történt jó néhány beérkezés és újbóli beérkezés is a disztróba, melyet alább láthattok. A teljes terjesztői listát pedig ITT tekinthetitek meg.

Ezen felül érdemes észben tartani, hogy az idei, immáron kilencedik Inner Awakening fesztiválra július 19-ig van lehetőség jegyet váltani elővételben kedvezményes, 6.600 Ft-os áron, amit ITT lehet intézni. Később a helyszínen már csak 8.000 Ft-os belépővel lehet bejutni a rendezvényre. Az egyetlen rendszeresen megrendezett, komoly felhozatallal rendelkező magyar Black Metal fesztivál fellépői között a hazai és a külföldi underground elit jelentős képviselői prezentálnak rituálékat. A hazai fellépők (Dunkelheit, Formorket, Gyötrelem, Hold, Lepra, Niedergang) mellett tiszteletét teszi a norvég Tortorum, a lengyel Blaze of Perdition, a spanyol 13th Moon és a német Dysangelium is, akik exkluzívan, külön erre a rendezvényre lettek meginvitálva. További információkat az esemény Facebook oldalán találtok.

Továbbá, a Drakkar Productions gondozásában szeptemberben megjeleneik a Lepra második albuma, a Whom Aeons Tore Apart, melynek egyetlen hazai terjesztője a Sigillvm Tenebrae lesz. Az anyag digipack CD, bakelit és kazetta formátumban is elérhető lesz. A nagy érdeklődésre, és a véges számú hazai terjesztésre szánt példányokra való tekintettel az anyagot mostantól mind a három formátumban elő lehet jegyezni e-mailben, az átvételre várhatóan szeptember folyamán vagy október elején kerülne sor. Az árak:

Digipack CD: 2.500 Ft
Bakelit: 4.000 Ft
Kazetta: 1.000 Ft

A disztrós frissítések pedig:


Asthenic Syn (Rus) – Thy Flesh Consumed digipack /2000 HUF/
(New band emerged from the ranks of the highly acclaimed Stavropol Nekrodivizion. This project was created by a guitarist of Lashblood and delivers a sick and inhuman material as it is usual from SND, but again in a completely other form and from a fairly different approach. Fast, agressive, dissonant yet melancholic Black Metal with varied riffs and structures)

Age of Agony (Hun) – Follow the Way of Hate /2000 HUF/
(Second and one of the best full-lenght of this old school Death Metal Artillery. Hateful, dynamic, vehement and agressive album with some Black Metal influences and melodies as well)

Arghoslent (Usa) – Incorrigible Bigotry digipack /2500 HUF/
(Great digipack reissue of the second full-length material from Drakkar Productions. Cult Death Metal from USA with killer and intense riffing throughout the whole album. Militant sounds call to battle!)

Armagedda (Swe) – Only True Believers /2500 HUF/
(Second full-length of one of the most influential and important Swedish Black Metal horde from the late 90s and early 2000s. True Black Metal as it should be, without any compromise and with the true black flame of devotion burning in their art)

Black Achemoth (Bra) – Revealing the Somber Powers of Hell /1500 HUF/
(Satanist Black Metal from Brazil with an hateful, brutal and diabolic atmosphere. First full-length from 2008 with members of Vobiscum Inferni)

Cyber Baphomet (Rus) / Karna (Rus) – Void 2.0. /1500 HUF/
(As the light of long dead stars reaches us after a long time, so does this split of two now dead projects appear from the menacing blackness of the cosmos. Wash your face in star dust & embrace the eternity!)

Deathmoor (Rus) – Actus Sacrophagia Mortem CD /2000 HUF/
(Fourth full-lenght opvs of this great advocation of pure Darkness from Stavropol Nekrodivizion filled with the suffocating atmosphere of spiritual decay of personality via three conceptual tracks in 45 minutes. This material break all the ties with the linguistic world-image as a basic aspect of human existence)

Deathmoor (Rus) – Mors... Sub Specie Aeterni /2000 HUF/
(Look at slow withering of illusive life. Sense underfoot rotten bog. Feel the death sprouting through your ribs by ugly crooked branches. Ghostly and engaging, viscous and frightening Black Metal with acoustic interludes from the members of Baal Zebuth, Misanthropic Art, Cyber Baphomet, etc. First and only EP from 2010, music of total darkness, devastation and devotion)

Grimness (Hun) – Ashes of a Black Cult /2000 HUF/
(Grim satanic Black Metal from Inner Awakening circle dedicated to the essence of the old times and bringing back the atmosphere of the early 90's with a pure quality record. First and probably the last full-length. True Black Metal!)

Hakuja (Jap) – Legacy digipack /2000 HUF/
(Having killer Black Metal hordes from Japan is a rare thing but here stands Hakuja as an evidence for this. Previously known as Funeral Elegy, on this material several songs are re-recorded as great versions of the previous abominations. Dark, melodic and old-styled riffing perfectly executed and inspired by the older Finnish Black Metal classics such as Horna and Satanic Warmaster but with an own interpretation and style)

Incursus (Usa) – Eternal Funeral Trance digipack /2500 HUF/
(Unholy, ruthless, true in every sense of the word... Evil, black with pure hate and no remorse. Horidus with His ultra blackened lyrics and terroristic shrieks, combined with VJS' stellar guitar riffing and attention to detail with every riff, to be cold, razor sharp and evil. You end up with one HELL of a Black Metal album here)

Inquisition (Usa) – Nefarious Dismal Orations /3000 HUF/
(Published in 2007 and long out of print, Nefarious Dismal Orations further established the band’s trademark chainsaw riffs and ominous vocals croaking odes to the infinite and satanic alike. Nine hymns to the occult with a hostile, hypnotic, and bombastic atmosphere)

Ithaqua (Gre) – Initiation to Obscure Mysteries /1500 HUF/
(Great debut material keeping the ancient obscure way of Hellenic Black Metal with a dark and mysterious atmosphere created by members of Caedes Cruenta, Kawir and some more)

Lashblood (Rus) – UnBeing digipack /2000 HUF/
(Second full-length and the third release from definitely one of the most interesting hordes coming out of Russia. As it is expected from Sadist, the mastermind behind the project, this album is again different from the previous emanations of Lashblood. Darkened gloomy atmopshere is mixed with black hatred and several melancholies with the involvement ofpiano and saxophone that deepens the journey further that is channeled through UnBeing with an interesting somber tone. Highly recommended for those who prefer authentic Black Arts with some unique touches, yet nothing to do with shitty modern trends)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – Necrohumanity /2500 HUF/
(One of the most disgusting, inhuman and sick material of Misanthropic Art with fast echoes of total human extinction and the eradication of planet earth from all forms of life. Dark and oppressive visions of a sick mind underlined by a perfect and unique expression of these within Black Metal)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – The Streams of Terror double CD /3000 HUF/
(New album of Misanthropic Art that is a 2 CDs edition and consists of two conceptual parts – Chains and Threads. Those who know the band are aware what to expect! Alien, misanthropic and post-apocalyptic synthetic nuclear emanations from the grim Russian soil)

Misanthropic Art (Rus) – The Streams of Terror double digipack CD /3500 HUF/
(New album of Misanthropic Art that is a 2 CDs edition and consists of two conceptual parts – Chains and Threads. Those who know the band are aware what to expect! Alien, misanthropic and post-apocalyptic synthetic nuclear emanations from the grim Russian soil)

Mütiilation (Usa) – Black Millenium /2500 HUF/
(Grim, rotten and morbid Black Metal filled with a venomous, hateful and decadent atmosphere that does not need to be introduced to those who are familiar with the works of this cult horde from LLN. Third full-length album that was originally released back in 2001 for the glory of the New False Prophet)

Nadiwrath (Gre) – Circle of Pest digipack /2000 HUF/
(Wrathful traditional Hellenic True Black Metal for the total eradication of all life, death to all! First full-length with members of Dodsferd, Thy Darkened Shade and Acrimonous)

Навь (Rus) / Deathmoor (Rus) – De Morte Peccati Ad Mortem slipcase CD /2000 HUF/
(Nav' is Black Metal combined with some furious thrashing elements, while Deathmoor is darkened Black Metal with some unique touches. United for this killer split release they look similiar, as both bands show a purely grim and raw atmosphere filled with worship of Death. Including hand-written lyrics, full-size sticker and all this in a jewelbox with slipcase)

Necrosadistic Goat Torture (Eng) – Armageddon Shall Come /1500 HUF/
(First and only album from this UK horde from 2012. Fast, agressive and blasphemous Black/Death Metal devastation that smashes your skull to pieces)

Nightbringer (Usa) – Death and the Black Work /3500 HUF/
(The classic debut full-length from Nightbringer with which they defined their true and still unique sound back in 2004. Originally, the album released in a form that lacked two of the songs due to its length but this killer double-CD digipack edition brings the treatment for this glorious material it deserves. Dark, satanist and atmospheric Black Metal with an absorbing and hypnotic mood)

Primigenium (Spa) – Intolerance /1500 HUF/
(Second album from this veteran Spanish band presenting pure and agressive Black Metal that is a highly coherent mix between epic riffs, subtle thrashing agression, good and precise riffing, fast drums, evil voice and straigth-to-the-point lyrics. Black-Metal like it was done in the early days)

Satanic Warmaster (Fin) – Opferblut /3000 HUF/
(Second and one of the best albums of this cult horde that was originally released 15 years ago. An epitome of traditional Finnish Black Metal riffing style framed within a cold satanic material)

Satanic Warmaster (Fin) – Of the Night /2500 HUF/
(The monumental, wintery and atmospheric EP of this cult Finnish horde with 2 tracks and over 20 minutes. Originally released in 2004)

Satanic Warmaster (Fin) – Revelation /2500 HUF/
(Another masterpiece of an EP that was released 10 years ago. Pitch-black vicious satanic summoning from one of the tyrants of Finnish Black Metal with Mikko Aspa as a guest on the drums)

Slugathor (Fin) – Echoes from Beneath /2000 HUF/
(Last album of this well known morbid Death Metal horde that existed from the late 90's until the beginning of the actual decade. Well-worked riffs and well-built songs with low tuned guitars and an evil atmosphere that mixes tempos perfectly within the rotting echoes of Death)

Tsjuder (Nor) – Demonic Possession /2500 HUF/
(Second full-length violation from this Norwegian beast that fixes another nail to the coffin of the false believers with its cold and evil pure Black Metal)

Tsjuder (Nor) – Kill for Satan /2500 HUF/
(First full-length stab to the rotting corpse of jewsus christ that was originally vomited out at the dawn of Satan's millenium. Violent satanist Black Metal with dark tunes that rapes you to death)

Unpure (Swe) – Trinity in Black /2000 HUF/
(Third full-length of this old school Swedish horde from 2001 who relentlessly present their hateful, evil and dynamic Black/Thrash Metal assaults since the early 90's)

Urgehal (Nor) – Arma Christi /2500 HUF/
(First full-length album of mighty Urgehal with a raw, cold and traditional Black Metal that marked the path of this cult horde later. True Norwegian Black Metal in the purest way, hail Trondr Nefas!)

Vermeth (Fra) – Suicide or Be Killed /2000 HUF/
(Last album of this inhuman satanic horde about which the title tells everything. Created by the one once behind Torgeist and Amaka Hahina this material delivers the mentality of Les Légions Noires. Awaiting the Black Holocaust they proclaim the support towards everything that contributes to the suffer and extinction of human race)

Vlad Tepes (Fra) – Anthologie Noire double CD /3500 HUF/
(Absolutely essential double disc compilation from one of the best and most well known project from Les Légions Noires. This material contains the following cult demos that does not need to be introduced to the devotees of the real and genuine Black Arts: The Return of the Unweeping, Celtic Poetry, Into Frosty Madness, Dans Notre Chute and The Black Legions and ReHEARSEal as a bonus. A must!)

Vobiscum Inferni (Bra) – For the Great of His Kingdom of Fire and Blood digipack /2000 HUF/
(Pure, sinister and somber nightside emanation for the glory of Satan! Satanist Black Metal with a swirling dark mood that sometimes reminded to old Leviathan, Forgot and old Deathspell Omega. Comes in a great digipack edition!)

Vobiscum Inferni (Bra) – Ordo Sinistrari et Cultus Pentaculum Sanguine /1500 HUF/
(First full-lenght of this pure and dedicated Satanist horde from the depths of the sinister Brazilian underground hell. Sincere Death-worship and religious madness embrace these sounds of anti-cosmic devastation. Only for the devoted!)

Weltmacht (Usa) – And to Every Beast its Prey /2500 HUF/
(A once great project that has been put to rest for more than a decades time now. Crafted by Akhenaten from Judas Iscariot and Imperial from Krieg you can except a cold, grim and nihilistic True Black Metal masterpiece. The second and last Weltmacht album from 2003)


Dysangelium Logo (fekete felvarró) /800 Ft/
Lashblood Logo (fehér felvarró) /1000 Ft/

További információk a sigillvmtenebrae@gmail.com e-mail címen.
2019. július 25., 12:55, Mindenholottlevo ^^
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Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction (1992)
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Mit nekünk New York, London vagy Párizs, nálunk már a vidék is büntet. Needless - Heresy (2019)
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 Ez a pápa még a fejével a kezében is elég középszerű. Ossuaire - Premiers chants (2019)
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Kitárulnak az égi kapuk és mennyei heavy metal dallamok hullanak alá...Crypt Sermon - The Ruins Of Fading Light (2019)
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Mindenhol jó, de a legjobb a Rockmaratonon Rockmaraton 2019
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Depresszív black metal Szibéria távol-keleti pontjáról.Истина (Istina) - Откровение неизвестности (Revelation of Unkown) (2018)
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Pantera hiányban szenvedők, figyelem! Heavy As Texas - Heavy As Texas (2019)
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"Az egyedi hangzásra való törekvés az, amit a legkevésbé kompromittálnánk."Beszélgetés Wagner Tamással, a Left Hand Path gitárosával
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Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare (2017)
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This Gift Is a Curse - A Throne of Ash (2019)
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The Equinox Ov The Gods - Images Of Forgotten Memories (1996)
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Meg nem értett lelkek egy meg nem értett lélek hagyatéka felett...Space God Ritual - The Unknown Wants You Dead! (2019)
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