Facebookra vele! 3:23pm 14/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Firebox recording artist Grendel - - participates in the 5th annual Finnish Metal Expo - htttp:// - in Helsinki, FEB 12.-14. by performing at Cable Factory on Friday the 13th.
Other live performances will be provided by the international names such as Black Dahlia Murder, Andre Matos, Misery Index, Grand Magus and Legion Of The Damned. Finnish prowess is well represented by the likes of Ancara, Before The Dawn, Ensiferum, Medeia and Profane Omen.
More additions to the Cable Factory program will be announced later.

Facebookra vele! 12:48pm 14/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Phobia: 22 Random Acts Of Violence
What can be said about Phobia that hasn't already been said? After 18 years of touring, partying and releasing some of the sickest punk infused grid that has ever risen from the state of California, they are once again ready to unleash their latest album! 22 Random Acts Of Violence is a grind lovers dream, a brutal blend of metal ferocity mixed with the attitude of punk and hardcore....this album will be on your top 10 list for 2008 guaranteed! - stated by the label Candlelight Records.
Facebookra vele! 12:02pm 14/11/2008, godfucked ^^
The Prophecy sing with Code666 Records
Yorkshire, UK progressive doom-death metallers The Prophecy have inked a deal with Code666 for the release of their brand new album titled "Into The Light". The follow-up to 2006's "Revelations" was recorded at Priory Studios in Sutton Colefields with producer/engineer Greg Chandler (Esoteric) and is scheduled for a worldwide release on February 20, 2009.

Commented the band: "We recorded the demo for the new album in August [2007] at Priory Studios with Greg Chandler. The demo surpassed anything we had previously done so we knew that the album would turn out to be something special. As with every album we're released we always aim to write and record the best possible music, building on our earlier works.
Over the last couple of years our collective musicianship and song writing has improved immensely and this has allowed us to really progress from 'Revelations'. Combined with Chandler's expertise in the studio, 'Into The Light' has become our heaviest and most technical album to date."
Facebookra vele! 11:00am 14/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Old Mans Child is back
Norwegian melodic Black Metal masters Old Man's Child are back at last...and with a vengeance!
The band led by guitarist / vocalist Galder (also in Dimmu Borgir) just returned to their Norwegian home from a trip to Gothenburg / Sweden, where the band spent some weeks laying down the new unholy compositions at Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, In Flames, etc.), who had previously worked with the band on their "In Defiance Of Existence" (2003) and "Vermin" (2005) albums.
The new OMC studio album's title has not yet been revealed, but the release will feature Peter Wildoer (Darkane, ex-Arch Enemy, Pestilence, etc.) on drums and having freshly finished his takes for the total of 9 classy new songs, here is Peter's comment on the material and the recording session:
"After having being asked to be part of the new OMC album, I obviously went back and listened to the previous releases of the band, so I now am able to say that in my opinion, these new 9 songs are the best material I have heard of the band so far. There is a lot of more variety going on and the album will sound bigger than any other OMC record before.
As far as my performance goes, this is probably the best drumming I have ever recorded so far. I am extremely happy and proud of the session and there's a lot more double bass and blast beats on here than you have normally heard me doing, so look out for this great record!"
The new album will be released in early 2009, so keep your eyes and ears open for plenty more Old Man's Child news in the coming weeks.

Facebookra vele! 12:25pm 13/11/2008, godfucked ^^
SaraLee - Damnation to Salvation 19.11.2008The full album is now streaming on SaraLee’s myspace site. The Finnish release date for the album is 19th of November. The Finnish version will also contain a dvd including a making of document of the new album and two music videos.
Facebookra vele! 2:39pm 12/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Satan is back on earth!Satan is one of the most important groups that emerged in the early NWOBHM era. Their unique mixture of heavy and power metal spirit with thrash riffage brought a handful of unforgettable tunes and revolutionized heavy music as we know it. “Court in the Act” is their debut release and in the same time their highlight. Ten tracks (including the intro) and over 40 minutes of music that was absolutely groundbreaking for a 1983 release. Satan managed to come up with a sound that was way ahead of their own time. The songs were melodic, but in the same time very aggressive – a sign of an upcoming revolution. Both guitarists, Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsey, delivered a truly amazing performance – although their styles were completely different, the duo managed to perfectly balance their playing and introduce a handful of timeless riffs and solos. The best example of the band’s impressive guitar virtuosity can be heard in the sharp and heavy tune “Break Free”, which features a dazzling 3-minute solo. Other highlights include the intensive “No Turning Back”, the atmospheric “Alone in the Docks” and the epic instrumental track “Ritual”.
Facebookra vele! 3:21pm 10/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Hammerfall have announced the support bands during their European headlining tour early 2009! Sabaton and Bullet will hit the stages together with Sweden´s legendary Powermetallers! The new Hammerfall album will be released February 20!

+ Sabaton, Bullet

26.02. NL Rijssen - Lucky
27.02. NL Tilburg - O13
28.02. BE Antwerpen - Ter Lo
01.03. UK London - Carling Academy Islington
03.03. F Paris - Elysee
04.03. F Lyon - Transbordeur
06.03. ES Madrid - La Riviera
07.03. ES Bilbao - Rock Star Live
08.03. ES Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
10.03. IT Mailand - Rolling Stone
11.03. D München - Backstage
12.03. CH Pratteln - Z7
13.03. CH Pratteln - Z7
14.03. D Kaufbeuren - ALL Karthalle
16.03. D Filderstadt - Filharmonie
17.03. D Köln - Live Music Hall
18.03. D Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle
20.03. D Bamberg - JAKO Arena
21.03. D Fulda - Wartenberg Oval
22.03. D Osnabrück - Halle Gartlage
23.03. D Hamburg - Docks
24.03. D Berlin - Kesselhaus
26.03. DK Copenhagen - Vega
27.03. SE Göteborg - Scandinavium
28.03. NO Oslo - Rockefeller
29.03. SE Stockholm - Hovet
Facebookra vele! 3:08pm 10/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Deathstars cover artwork revealedSwedish Death-Glammers Deathstars have revealed the cover artwork of their forthcoming album called "Night Electric Night". The record is going to be released on January 30th.

2.Night Electric Night
3.Death Dies Hard
4.The Mark Of The Gun
5.Via The End
6.Blood Stains Blondes
8.The Fuel Ignites
10.Venus In Arms

The first single "Death Dies Hard" is gonna be a digital download release only – release date January 2nd.

Facebookra vele! 5:47pm 04/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Rev 16:8 signs with Temple of Darkness
We are proud to announce we have signed with Swedish Black Metallers REV 16:8 for their debut album in 2009. The band is formed by well known musicians:
Themgoroth (Dark Funeral, Infernal, Setherial...)
Talon (IXXI, Bloodshed, Finntroll..)
Nefastus (Nefastus, Bloodshed)
Pata (Bloodshed, Decadence)
So, you can expect pure Swedish Black metal at his best !!
Facebookra vele! 7:48pm 03/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Lacuna Coil DVD comingLacuna Coil have posted the video “Our Truth (live at Wacken 2007)” to give fans a first look at the band’s upcoming first official DVD release “Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul)”. The DVD is a retrospective celebration of all things from Lacuna Coil’s “Karmacode” album and subsequent touring cycle including spectacularly remixed pro-shot festival appearances (e.g. Wacken 2007, Loud Park 2007), behind-the-scenes travel documentaries, promotional videos, home videos and various fan-friendly surprises including a link and key to an exclusive web site dedicated to the band’s new studio album! You can watch the video here:

Facebookra vele! 7:09pm 03/11/2008, godfucked ^^
Old school hardcore purveyors Terror will turn European venues into merciless moshpits this December during the Persistence tour with label mates Sick Of It All, Heaven Shall Burn and many other high profile metal/hardcore acts. For some entertaining impressions from Terror’s 2008 touring madness, watch the following clip:

Also, check out hosted by Sworn Enemy-guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci as the most recent episode features a really “sophisticated” chat with Terror’s vocalist Scott Vogel! This show is a behind-the-scenes, uncensored look into life of maniacs on the road as Lorenzo asks the questions few are willing to ask.

See Terror live on the following dates:
1. ... 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
2:36pm 05/02/2018, McFrost1977 ^^
Conversation with Sylvain Bégot, founder of MONOLITHEMONOLITHE in motion
4:09pm 12/01/2017, boymester ^^
 Epic doom metal from greeceLitany - Pyres Of Lamentation (2016)
11:14pm 22/10/2016, farrrkas ^^
Leaves Wither - Branches Break - Roots RemainDoomed - Anna (2016)
10:29pm 26/03/2016, 9000Sanyi ^^
Talk about Black Sabbath, Tourniquet, etc.
Interview with Tourniquet's drummer Ted Kirkpatrick
8:51pm 07/03/2016, 9000Sanyi ^^
Kunal Choksi told about TOMETALInterview with the mainman of Transcending Obscurity
10:50am 22/12/2015, farrrkas ^^
Farewell from stoner metal. The band changed his style.Wheelfall - Glasrew Point (2015)
5:01pm 29/01/2015, GreenWitch ^^
 Amoral interview
08:33am 07/04/2012, godfucked ^^
This interview is about Mindrot, the best doom metal band from the Orange County, California. They disbanded in 1998, but being one of my all-time favourites, I compiled a few questions to singer Adrian Leroux...
Mindrot interview
11:37am 21/11/2011, godfucked ^^
Syriak (guitars/vocals) answered my questions...
Unexpect interview
11:12pm 30/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
This theraphy kills us a different way, it doesn't tore apart our body, rather our souls and minds, then it is amused by its fresh bloody view...Murder Therapy - Molochian [EP] (2011)
1:26pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
Musicwise, the world of the 60s and 70s wave back at us, like an occult hippie gang,,,Year Of The Goat - Lucem Ferre [EP] (2011)
1:15pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
The themes are demanding, the solos are increadibly virtuose ones and the whole image is glowing in the light of 70s and 80s.Vanderbuyst - Vanderbuyst (2011)
1:02pm 06/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
Modern and classic doom metal at the same time, which is bleeding from a thousand wounds but the incisions on the veins don't weaken it...Castle - In Witch Order (2011)
8:34pm 05/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
 When I call something a tough birth, it has really been a torturous round. We could have used different lubricant and an assful of products which would probably have eased the torture, but I didn't choose that way.Goat the Head interview
8:42pm 04/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
So only a little disappointment I sense, personally, since I see more in the band and I expected a more experimental vibe. :}Aenaon - Cendres Et Sang (2011)
6:37pm 04/07/2011, haragSICK ^^
It's a varied and colourful debut with its metallic monstrosity, full of leds, which will surely grant some pleasant minutes to those fans...Absurdity - D:\Evolution (2011)
4:48pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
...though their initial identity streams blood and darkness.Sanctus Infernum - Martyr (2009)
4:35pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
...this chasm would smoothly be able to swallow the human soul, however we could hear more profound spaces compared to this before, although the selfish reincarnation of sucking in stands for this situation as well and it's evident & obvious.Ophis - Withered Shades (2010)
4:16pm 26/06/2011, haragSICK ^^
It's full of pain, murmuring Hell and a big load of occult grime which forces you into your own marsh!The Dead - Ritual Executions (2010)
1:04pm 29/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
...along with some post-metal, not to mention the high mounds of the doom of the '80s, then you'll enjoy EOS's mammoth-weight journey from the first minute to the last!Talbot - EOS (2010)
11:38pm 16/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Post-rock dreams...Catacombe - Kinetic (2010)
11:23pm 16/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Sludgecore infections and others...Gospel of the Future - The Eclipse (2010)
6:49pm 12/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Neurotic post-core...A Cold Dead Body - Harvest Years (2010)
7:26pm 08/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Blood-squash is this garden... Blood-fuming roses' garden...
Imbalance - Period Three Implies Chaos (2010)
2:04pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
The thousand faces of death...Spheron - To Dissect Paper [EP] (2010)
1:55pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
 Dutch death metal's style...Victimizer - Tales Of Loss And New Found Serenity (2011)
1:44pm 07/05/2011, haragSICK ^^
Destructive mourning black cavalryman...Benighted in Sodom - Reverse Baptism (2011)
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