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Cypher (2002)
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1.Fragile: Pictures of Silence: Melting the Skies
2.Picturesque: Cataclysm Savour: And the Little Things That Make Us Smile
3.Angelina: Chthonian Earth: Her Face Forms Worms
4.Halcyon: The Heavy Silence: In Silent Rain
5.Aphelion: Light Evanescence: Into Extinction
6.Opaque: The Morning I Woke up Dead: Today Is the Day
7.Aphid: Devil Flower: Fruits of Lunacy
8.Voyage: Lost Between Horizons: Eaten by the Distance
9.Catharsis: End of Organisms: Absolute Purification of Sins
10.Silhouette: In White Rooms: Vacant Bodies
11.Comatose: The World Amnesia: Planet Dead
12.Debris: The Magenta Harvest: Liquid Flesh
13.Nail: An Odyssey in Flesh: Celebrate the New Skin
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...And Oceans - Cypher
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