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Cadaver Traditions (2015)
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Thrash / Death Metal
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1.Black Metal (Venom cover) (03:21)
2.Deathrider (Anthrax cover) (03:00)
3.Corporate Death Burger (MDC cover) (01:22)
4.Dis-Organ-Ized (Impetigo cover) (01:33)
5.Right Brigade (Bad Brains cover) (02:00)
6.Voivod (Voivod cover) (02:58)
7.Doomed by the Living Dead (Mercyful Fate cover) (04:53)
8.California über alles (Dead Kennedys cover) (03:10)
9.Wrathchild (Iron Maiden cover) (02:42)
10.Here to Stay (Sheer Terror cover) (02:20)
11.Headhunter (Krokus cover) (03:26)
12.SATO (Ozzy Osbourne cover) (04:20)
13.Do or Die (Znöwhite cover) (01:34)
14.Violent World (.45 Grave cover) (02:02)
15.World Peace (Cro-Mags cover) (02:08)
16.Eliminator (Agnostic Front cover) (03:19)
17.Die by the Sword (Slayer cover) (02:54)
18.Witching Metal (Sodom cover) (03:00)
19.Social Security (Excel cover) (03:37)
20.Violence and Force (Exciter cover) (03:32)
21.The KKK Took My Baby Away (Ramones cover) (02:22)
22.No Compromise (Xentrix cover) (02:52)
23.Chemical Warfare (Slayer cover) (05:23)
24.Bodies (Sex Pistols cover) (02:31)
25.Not to Touch the Earth (The Doors cover) (03:49)
26.Reagonomics (D.R.I. cover) (00:39)
27.Torn Apart by Werewolves (03:36)
1.Mad Man (D.R.I. cover) (00:47)
2.Fire in the Sky (Saxon cover) (03:29)
3.2 Minutes to Midnight (Iron Maiden cover) (05:46)
4.Die Hard (Venom cover) (02:49)
5.V.A. Rocks Your Liver (Verbal Abuse cover) (01:40)
6.Blower (Voivod cover) (02:42)
7.Wiped Out (Raven cover) (03:58)
8.Stay Clean (Motörhead cover) (02:42)
9.Tormentor (Kreator cover) (02:48)
10.Agents of Steel (Agent Steel cover) (02:59)
11.State Oppression (Raw Power cover) (01:32)
12.Bombs of Death (Hirax cover) (03:01)
13.New Age of Total Warfare (Warfare cover) (02:20)
14.Nuns Have No Fun (Mercyful Fate cover) (04:05)
15.Metal Church (Metal Church cover) (04:20)
16.Subliminal (Suicidal Tendencies cover) (02:35)
17.Zombie Attack (Tankard cover) (03:07)
18.You Stupid Jerk (Angry Samoans cover) (00:24)
19.I'm Not Jesus (Ramones cover) (02:52)
20.Nothing (Plasmatics cover) (03:36)
21.Iron Heads (Running Wild cover) (03:35)
22.Stand Up and Shout (Dio cover) (03:34)
23.False Prophet (English Dogs cover) (02:37)
24.Ultra Violent (N.O.T.A. cover) (01:55)
25.The Ballad of Harry Warden (My Bloody Valentine soundtrack cover) (02:35)
26.Luck of the Corpse (03:21)
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