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Pandora's Box (1991)
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A lemez típusa:
hard rock,blues rock,
Joe Perry Vocals
Steven Tyler Vocals
Harmonica, Piano
Charlie Farren Guitar
Background Vocals
David Hull Bass
Background Vocals
Ronnie Stewart Drums
A lemez kiadója:
1.Disc 1
2.When I Needed You By Chain Reaction
3.Make It
4.Movin' Out alternate version
5.One Way Street
6.On The Road Again previously unreleased from the "Aerosmith" sessions
7.Mama Kin
8.Same Old Song And Dance
9.Train Kept A Rollin'
10.Seasons Of Wither
11.Write Me A Letter unreleased live version
12.Dream On
13.Pandora's Box
14.Rattlesnake Shake unreleased live radio broadcast
15.Walkin' The Dog unreleased live radio broadcast
16.Lord Of The Thighs unreleased live version
17.Disc 2
18.Toys In The Attic
19.Round And Round
20.Krawhitham previously unreleased instrumental
21.You See Me Crying
22.Sweet Emotion
23.No More No More
24.Walk This Way
25.I Wanna Know Why unreleased live version
26.Big Ten-Inch Record unreleased live version
27.Rats In The Cellar
28.Last Child remix
29.All Your Love previously unreleased
30.Soul Saver previously unreleased rehearsal from the "Toys In The Attic" sessions
31.Nobody's Fault
32.Lick And A Promise
33.Adam's Apple unreleased live version
34.Draw The Line remix
35.Critical Mass
36.Disc 3
37.Kings And Queens unreleased live version (5:31)
38.Milkcow Blues
39.I Live In Connecticut unreleased rehearsal
40.Three Mile Smile
41.Let It Slide previously unreleased
42.Cheese Cake
43.Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy) (2:59)
44.No Surprize
45.Come Together 3:44 Cover: The Beatles
46.Downtown Charlie unreleased jam
47.Sharpshooter Whitford/St.Holmes
48.Shit House Shuffle previously unreleased rehearsal
49.South Station Blues The Joe Perry Project
50.Riff & Roll unreleased jam
52.Major Barbara previously unreleased alternate version
53.Chip Away The Stone previously unreleased alternate version
54.Helter Skelter previously unreleased Cover: The Beatles
55.Back In The Saddle
56.Circle Jerk
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